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Thursday, 06 November 2008 11:03

Specialising in State of the Art, Bird Deterrent and Management Systems

Australian Bird Deterrents policy is to provide worlds best non-lethal, humane, environmentally safe and ecologically sound products.


Products are in four basic categories:

While all of our products are effective deterrents, products used in combination (i.e. a sound device plus a visual device plus a physical roost inhibitor) yield significantly greater results than any one product alone. This is especially true in situations where pest birds are particularly stubborn, where they have nested in one place for extended periods, or where an area provides food, warmth or shelter. A combination of products work synergistically to create an aurally, visually and physically undesirable environment for bird and animal pests.

What can ABD do for you?

  • Provide answers to troubling OH&S problems with Birds
  • Provide excellent solutions to your problems.
  • Provide service beyond expectations and experience
  • Provide equipment that care-takes your property by repelling birds  day and night.
  • Reduce costly cleaning and health risks to your staff
  • Make your area "A NO GO ZONE FOR BIRDS"
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